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#EvolutionMine, HempHealsUkraine -

The EvolutionMine concept is taking hold on a global level. Out of the aftermath of the political and social turmoil in the Ukraine, a woman owned company is developing a commodity. Industrial Hemp. 

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#happy420, bamboo, hemp, Hemp and bamboo, Women Evolution -

This #420, realize your power to build a commodity. YOU have made Cannabis a multi-billion dollar market hurting Big Pharma. Through discovery, find the thousands of other uses for the plant and realize there are more plants kept from us.

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#EvolutionMine, bamboo, hemp, Hemp and bamboo -

Humanity has a unique opportunity to render oil and coal obsolete. As Citizen's frustrations reach cataclysmic levels, radical change is being sought. Propelled by the ineffectiveness of traditional protest against corruption, environmental destruction, inequality, and oppression the Citizen is in search of options.

There are alternatives. When Citizen’s embrace their power as consumers to support competitive commodities such as bamboo and hemp, the flow of money changes. Corporations who sell oil and coal chemicals or products produced from those chemicals will no longer be able to afford the political contributions that keep our current leaders in power.

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#PressforProgress, InternationalWomensDay, Women Evolution -

As a father of three girls, I felt compelled to create this PSA after watching news story after news story where women are being attacked. These predators roam with Uber or Lyft stickers in their windows looking for women whom are drunk, not paying attention, or too trusting. Please Take 5 and share this with your family and friends. Stay Safe, #amandanderic #evolutionmine #pushforprogress

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#PressforProgress, InternationalWomensDay, MeToo, Women Evolution, womens day -

Dear Women, Don’t Fade Away. This Time.

It is International Women’s Day - 2018. The fourth wave of women power is upon us. Real progress has been made against sexual harassment with the onslaught of women coming forward to tell their stories in the #MeToo movement. However, the movement will end again. Rest assured. That is, unless you realize the full spectrum of your power doesn’t end with “outing” men and shaking up the entertainment world.

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