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Caliber II - 184mm Hanger/10" Axle Reverse King Pin Longboard Trucks

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Choose Caliber's Caliber II trucks for a great ride! Available in 8 colors! 




Caliber enhanced the inner-step to give you an increased contact area with the bushing, which gives you higher rebound and responsiveness. The outer-step is now a perfect circle for a no-slop fit with any bushings. They also increased the pivot cup surface area contact with the baseplate for a snugger fit for the pivot pin. Caliber even matched the kingpin diameter of their precision trucks for a consistent lean and proper clearance.


To top it all off, Caliber created a new in-house treatment process to strengthen each truck by as much as 40%. Combined with the reinforced baseplate and the pressed-in kingpin, you get all the strength you want without sacrificing control and response. Perfect for the casual longboarder or serious downhill racer.


Caliber Reverse King Pin Longboard Trucks (Set of 2)