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Add change to your cart for FREE! Checkout & Check Out the Change we bring through #ConsumerActivism. Knowledge is still free. We had to charge a dollar to be able to share this product on social media. As a way around this to make change FREE, please use coupon code "change" and it will be free! 


Every Hemp & Bamboo Product you purchase creates a shift in wealth and power to the People. You are denying Big Oil, Big Coal, and Big Pharma your money that goes towards: 

  1. Drilling 
  2. Pollution
  3. Inequality
  4. Funding Politics 


In other words, every issue we protest as citizens. We are far more powerful as consumers. 


Every dollar you spend on hemp & bamboo products creates:

  1. Jobs here.
  2. Farms & factories in your communities.
  3. Funding campaigns for candidates that work for the people. 


Just buy what you buy every day. Where possible buy products of hemp and bamboo instead of petrochemicals. Claim EvolutionMine by ending fossil fuels and create an #Economy4all that works for everyone.


After all, No Big Oil Profits. No Big Oil Problems.