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Hemp Linen Table Runner

$48.00 - $98.00
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Evolution Mine introduces the Hemp Organic Life Organic Hemp table runner. Make it in an Evolution of your table this Holiday Season! This hemp runner is handmade in the Ukraine. 

Kitchen textiles made from HEMP.
They should not overshadow any pattern and texture primitive "homespun" cloth, the table will give greater naturalness and flavor. 

Since ancient times, it was considered a bactericidal hemp fabrics, woven from fibers of its plant, free of pests. Hemp is planted around the garden so insects are not flying to the rest of the vegetables and herbs.

HEMP - organic. It is completely waste-free product, environment and ecology do not cause any harmful effects.

Table linens made in the style of minimalism - to more fully convey the luxury and naturalness of real tissue, and most importantly, do not spoil her hemp naturalness.

Fabric: 55% hemp, 45% cotton
Color: natural Hemp

Care: machine wash warm
This item ships from Ukraine. Please allow 21 days for delivery.