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Hemp Zafu Meditation Cushion

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Evolution Mine introduces the Hemp Organic Life Organic Zafu / Floor Cushion
can be used for meditation practices, and for sitting on the floor, tea ceremonies, outdoor games or just as a decor element. Filled certified eco-frendly Buckwheat hulls and Organic Hemp cover.

Seats made exclusively from eco-materials of superior quality: filler - buckwheat husk cover made of hemp. These materials have anti-allergenic effect.
Through breathing properties of ECO seat is soaring, and buckwheat husk pyramidal shape allow easy micro massage effect, thus improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

Meditation cushions helping (by raising the pelvis) to remove the load of the back and the lumbar muscles, making it easy to keep the body in proper position during the entire practice (meditation, pranayama, contemplation) as long as possible.
Due to the filler (buckwheat husk) cushion perfectly repeats to your body shape and maintains the optimum temperature.

Product dimensions:
Height - 4.7" in (12 cm)
Diameter - 14" in ( 35 cm)
Weight: 5.4 LB (2450 gr)
Cloth - organic Hemp
Filler - organic Buckwheat hulls