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EKOBO is a home living brand specialising in the design and manufacture of contemporary home accessories made from renewable bamboo and other eco-friendly materials. Since its creation in 2003, EKOBO has evolved from experts in bamboo tableware into a home living brand specializing in the design and manufacture of contemporary home accessories made from ecologically-sensitive materials.

Evolution Mine is proud to introduce EKOBO.

The Founders, Franco-American duo Bruno & Boo Louis, stand by their mission to be pioneers in eco-design. The pair have been long-devoted to improving the way we engage with people and our planet. They believe that going green is not trend, but rather a commitment to constantly improve their products by pursuing the most innovative design and manufacturing solutions available today.

Their creative process is fueled by their own family’s daily needs and habits, collections expand as their 3 girls grow.

EKOBO is resolutely modern in style, but pulls inspiration from vintage simplicity. The brand is also an ode to color; its vast palette offers endless combinations that bring joy and warmth to our homes and tables.

Photo: Paola de Grenet (paoladegrenet.com)

An evolution of You in style and #ConsumerActivism, building an #economy4all.



bamboo black


Bamboo is hailed as the resource of the 21st century because it has countless ethical, environmental and other benefits.

Bamboo is a type of grass: cut it down and it grows back stronger than before. It’s not endangered. Managed bamboo-farms have a minimal effect on the environment.

Bamboo prevents soil erosion, requires no toxic fertilizers, and is lighter and stronger than steel itself! It is a pioneering plant and can be grown in soil damaged by overgrazing and poor agriculture without the need for pesticides or much water.

A Billion Dollar Crop  Bamboo was featured in Popular Mechanics. (see the article) 

The United States Congressional Research Services Published a report on bamboo. Bamboo: An Overlooked BioMass Resource?  Report released in 2000



  • strength


    Hemp and bamboo are stronger than steel and nylon.

  • antimicrobial


    Hemp & bamboo keep you germ and bacteria free.

  • biodegradable


    Bamboo and hemp dissolve back into the soil in days.

  • moisture resistant

    moisture wicking

    Hemp and bamboo pull moisture away.



  • toxic

    toxic chemicals

    Bamboo and hemp prevent toxic illness leading to better overall health.

  • inequality


    Hemp & bamboo can end inequality by shifting to commodities grown by all.

  • poverty


    Bamboo and hemp can end poverty, providing incomes for all levels of workers.

  • corruption


    Hemp and bamboo can end oil profits that pay for political candidates.


  • mfg

    creates jobs

    Bamboo and hemp can bring manufacturing back to the U.S.

  • vocational training

    creates training

    Hemp & bamboo can provide training in agricultural industries.

  • community2

    creates wealth

    Hemp & bamboo business, farms, factories, can be crowdfunded by the People. 

  • tax

    creates tax revenue

    Hemp & bamboo create tax revenue supporting poverty alleviation and services.


  • earth 2

    repairs the planet

    Bamboo and hemp are filters that clean soil and prevent erosion. 

  • cleans air

    cleans the air

    Hemp & bamboo can clean the air capturing CO2, Mercury, and other gases. 

  • clean water

    cleans the water

    Bamboo & hemp are used in water filtration today via phytoremediation.

  • health

    repairs you

    Hemp and bamboo have been effective in illness prevention and treatment.

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