Evolution Mine has been created to promote positive change through publicly supported development of competitive bio-based crops such as bamboo and hemp

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Evolution Mine: The Game 

The game teaches the economic factors of a bioeconomy.The game uses commerce to solve problems like climate change, war, and poverty by no longer supporting the demand for the resources causing the destruction.Licenses (Properties) increase in purchase price, costs of upgrades, and fees to players landing on the license in direct relation to the value of the products made with bamboo and hemp. For example, biomass products will be a lower cost to operate, and upgrade than a more advanced bioplastic. In this game The 99% win. Our planet is saved as a bonus.

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Evolution Mine

the Game.

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Become a part of the largest shift of wealth and power in history while repairing our planet and its inhabitants.

hemp & bamboo product benefits

hemp and maboo creates jobs


Hemp and bamboo are stronger than steel and nylon.


Hemp & bamboo keep you germ and bacteria free.


Bamboo and hemp dissolve back into the soil in days.

moisture wicking

Hemp and bamboo pull moisture away.

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