Evolution Mine is a completely new concept, so we expected some questions, comments, and criticism. 

Below, is a compiled list of the most common questions Amanda or I are asked. I have done my best to answer them. If you have any additional questions, please contact us. 

How can SHOPPING change anything? 

This is the most common question I am asked. (The question usually is accompanied by a knowing wink that says "C'mon, this is a marketing play!") 

I usually answer the question with a question. "At what point does the citizen effectively stop an oil pipeline?" Protest has not worked. Issues like toxic products made by oil are out of reach of the citizen, but not the consumer. IF the consumer can stop buying products made of petrochemicals, (a byproduct of coal and oil); profits that fund everything from government lobbying, elimination of the EPA, drilling on Federal lands, inequality, and environmental destruction will suddenly stop flowing. No money, no problems. 

However, because of the fact oil and coal are in 95% of every product manufactured to simply stop buying products is close to impossible. There has been very little money spent on research and development for plant based materials and chemicals. The reasons why? Until recently Industrial Hemp was illegal to grow in the United States. Bamboo has been illegal to import as live plants since 1918. With the recent advance in the legalization of industrial hemp and propagation techniques for bamboo by scientists like 
Jackie Heinricher of BooShoot, the crops are now becoming available. 

Now it is up to the consumer. By shopping at Evolution Mine and other vendors of hemp and bamboo products, Hemp and Bamboo becomes profitable. That means hemp and bamboo farms in the U.S., jobs created here, and money for development of new products such as Hemp graphene, and Bamboo bioplastics. This is where it begins. If you buy hemp and bamboo products two commodities are created that can be grown by everyone. Not drilled by multi billion dollar corporate monsters in some far off country by our military. A shift in power accompanies a shift in profits back to the public. 

I realize this is a lot to digest buying a set of hemp sheets or bamboo clothing. Nevertheless it is real, and your dollars are that significant. You can read more at the Bioeconomy Foundation

Why Hemp & Bamboo?

Hemp & Bamboo are complementary resources in every way; just like Oil and Coal. This is our formula. Hemp = Oil, Bamboo = Coal.

Besides the environmental benefits of being sustainable, carbon, capture and repairing the environment, hemp and bamboo are cost effective. It costs less to plant, and harvest hemp and bamboo than finding, drilling, and transporting oil and coal. The two crops grow in 70% of earth's climate zones, which makes local supply chains possible. Besides, hemp and bamboo can replace oil and coal. With your help, hemp and bamboo WILL replace oil and coal. 

IMPORTANT: Hemp and Bamboo can be grown by you TOO! You can develop products, and own your own business. Evolution Mine creates the conduit for new products that builds a hemp and bamboo economy. 

Where do your products come from?

We only source merchandise from socially responsible businesses with ethical manufacturing practices. 

Products sold through Evolution Mine are manufactured in the United States, China, India, Philippines, Mexico, and Canada.

How does importing products from China create U.S. jobs?

I guess this is the part where I am supposed to be at a loss for words. However, the answer is simple. When purchasing hemp and bamboo products from a company that wants to produce products here; your purchase serves two purposes. 1. Buying hemp and bamboo products proves there is potential for hemp and bamboo to make money. 2. By tracking our products, successful products justify crowdfunded farm and factories in the U.S. Businesses are created, jobs are created, and the middle class is working again. 

In essence, investor's money will make money. Just like oil and coal. The difference with Evolution Mine is utilizing crowdfunding. So the PUBLIC makes the profits, and the investment can be seen in your community, not on a stock exchange board. As an additional method to guarantee success of a hemp and bamboo farm or factory, we focus public pressure to petition big business to use hemp and bamboo. If we are successful, a hemp and bamboo based economy can become a reality. You can learn more by reading about Evolution Mine

Where does the money from my purchase go?

About 50% goes to the factory making the product. 10% to shipping, 10% to advertising, and 10% to operations. The remaining 20% goes to hemp and bamboo farm/factory development, petitions, and organizations working to progress hemp and bamboo. As volume grows because of our customers, Evolution Mine receives discounts. Our profit can increase to as much as 45% we will apply to hemp & bamboo projects in the U.S. 

Evolution Mine supports: 

What is the goal?

Fields of hemp and bamboo next to factories. It's not rocket science. By building an economy based on hemp and bamboo, the results will be extraordinary. Two globally dependent commodities owned by the People. Inequality ends, resource based wars end, human progress is unlocked for all. Hence, the term Evolution Mine. As a bonus we will throw in a environment repaired. The greater demand for hemp and bamboo will cause more hemp and bamboo farms. Constructed responsibly, it is not too late for us as a species or the planet we inhabit. 

What are T.R.U.M.P.S.?

Here is the part that can be termed as clever marketing. For me, Trump personifies the object of public discontent. So, I made the name an acronym: Toxic Resource Utilizing, Merchants, Profiteers, and Syndicates. In short, Any person or Corporation who sells oil and coal as resources, products, or investments. The War on TRUMPS is a competition of resources at the consumer level. 

The strategy is simple. Products consumers are buying are made of oil and coal. These products are affecting consumers'  health. mental wellness, incomes, and lives. Build awareness and build an alternative, providing a positive change can participate in. I foresee hemp and bamboo as deeply rooted in society as oil and coal. Once this happens, T.R.U.M.P.S. go bankrupt via loss of profits, toxic torts, and personal injury suits. Politicians linked to oil and coal will no longer be in power. World change occurs. 

You can learn more and participate here: TRUMPS

What is Women's Evolution?

Progression of a movement underway. Women can easily take over. Women only lack owning commodities to do so. Women also are a consumer purchasing powerhouse. Forbes estimates women spend over 22 Trillion dollars per year globally. Women also start new business at a rate 40X faster than men. Couple that information with a recent study by Consumer Reports stating less than 9% of women feel advertisers understand them. 

Seems to me the answer is women owning companies that sell hemp and bamboo to women. Problems solved. Disruption on epic levels when hemp and bamboo farms and factories are also owned by women. Welcome to your Evolution.

I make hemp or bamboo products. How can I sell through Evolution Mine? 

We work with companies in all stages of product development. We require products be manufactured with hemp or bamboo components ethically, and responsibly. By distributing through Evolution Mine, you are creating a partnership that could lead to crowdfunded factories and farms for your company, Our end goal is an economy based on hemp and bamboo, That includes you. To find out more visit our Vendors page

I like what you are doing! How can I do more? 

First of all, thank you. I am humbled by anyone who wishes to learn more. This Evolution is about all of us, What we really need is for you to share our message, memes, and videos. That action does more than all others. There are other ways to participate too. You can find out more here

Product Questions:

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We utilize USPS, China Mail, UPS and Fed Ex. When your product ships we will send you tracking information immediately. Please note on handmade products; Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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Please email change@evolutionmine for return instructions. We offer 30 day guarantees on all products. 

Hemp and Bamboo:

We aim for products made of 100% hemp and bamboo. However, in reality there are few products offered completely of hemp and bamboo. We must start somewhere. Evolution Mine distributes products made of at least 40% hemp or bamboo. As we grow so will the amount of hemp and bamboo in products. Your help will help us reach the goal quickly. Shop on. 

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