Evolution Mine is more than shopping.

Evolution Mine is building an #Economy4All... from how we sell, to who we tell, Evolution Mine is different. 
Evolution Mine creates #Consumer Activism to build a demand for hemp & bamboo to replace oil and coal.

EM ONLY sells items made at least in part of Hemp & Bamboo.

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Evolution Mine 

Works with smaller companies to bring hemp & bamboo products mainstream. We create a flow of profits to communities, not traditional ad spaces.

By creating opportunities to not only build farms & industries; our customers get paid to take part in sharing this new economy and the factories and farms that go with it. 

Major Change.  

Write About Us?

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Evolution Pays YOU.

- Evolution Mine -


If EM is going to be successful in creating a biobased economy, we need the free media.  We also know media isn't free. So what to do? 

We pay you to distribute our concept and products to your readers. How much the writer or publication is paid depends on your ability to WRITE.


When your readers make a purchase from our store, our #Endsetters are paid 10% of the sales. *Shipping, Taxes, Ins. excluded

Post your article using your unique links, and watch sales real time.


O.K. so you can make money spreading the news; but the Evolution is so much more than shopping. 

The News is EM is creating real options to societal and environmental problems. Consumer Demand for competitive commodities will cause the largest shift of wealth and power in history. 

What is


Evolution Mine hemp and bamboo superstore

Get in touch: change@evolutionmine.com  Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 9am - 9pm PST

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