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Evolution Mine is proud to introduce Recreator clothing from the heart of Los Angeles.


Recreator was founded with the intention of maximizing the beneficial effects of industrial hemp on the globe by featuring hemp fiber in our apparel line.

Since 2012, our vision has remained true to cultivating key relationships in the hemp fiber supply chain in the United States and abroad. Prohibition of Cannabis by the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act decimated a once flourishing hemp textile industry in America. Since that time, limited hemp farming and production have occurred on U.S. soil. With the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill, hemp pilot projects have catalyzed R&D in the hemp textile industry.

We ensure that the hemp we source from the international market is produced with sound ecological principles, while we work with U.S. farmers and processors to develop new methods to grow and mill hemp fabrics stateside–from Seed to Stitch.




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Hemp is one of the most versatile plants, as you can grow it in most climates, it is resistant to drought, requires minimal fertilizer and pest control products, and is useful in many different applications. Hemp clothing is an excellent solution for people that want long-lasting clothing that is beneficial to the environment and is more absorbent than other materials, which makes it perfect for both infants and adults.

Strong. Clothing made of hemp fiber is lightweight and absorbent, with three times the tensile strength of cotton. Weather Resistant. UV and mold-resistant, hemp is excellent for outdoor wear.Versatile. Hemp can be blended with other fibers for different qualities in the garment.

In addition to being eco-friendly, hemp clothing also lasts longer than clothing made of other materials such as cotton. In some cases, clothing made of hemp can last up to six times as long as other materials.

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  • strength


    Hemp and bamboo are stronger than steel and nylon.

  • antimicrobial


    Hemp & bamboo keep you germ and bacteria free.

  • biodegradable


    Bamboo and hemp dissolve back into the soil in days.

  • moisture resistant

    moisture wicking

    Hemp and bamboo pull moisture away.



  • toxic

    toxic chemicals

    Bamboo and hemp prevent toxic illness leading to better overall health.

  • inequality


    Hemp & bamboo can end inequality by shifting to commodities grown by all.

  • poverty


    Bamboo and hemp can end poverty, providing incomes for all levels of workers.

  • corruption


    Hemp and bamboo can end oil profits that pay for political candidates.


  • mfg

    creates jobs

    Bamboo and hemp can bring manufacturing back to the U.S.

  • vocational training

    creates training

    Hemp & bamboo can provide training in agricultural industries.

  • community2

    creates wealth

    Hemp & bamboo business, farms, factories, can be crowdfunded by the People. 

  • tax

    creates tax revenue

    Hemp & bamboo create tax revenue supporting poverty alleviation and services.


  • earth 2

    repairs the planet

    Bamboo and hemp are filters that clean soil and prevent erosion. 

  • cleans air

    cleans the air

    Hemp & bamboo can clean the air capturing CO2, Mercury, and other gases. 

  • clean water

    cleans the water

    Bamboo & hemp are used in water filtration today via phytoremediation.

  • health

    repairs you

    Hemp and bamboo have been effective in illness prevention and treatment.

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