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  • Importers
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors


hemp and bamboo superstore let's grow

Let's grow.

We are the SuperStore of Hemp & Bamboo

The Underdogs Unite! 

Evolution Mine brings to cohesion to hemp and bamboo growers, manufacturers, or product wholesalers. It’s a natural union based on two plants that share complementary traits:  Hempsters and Boosters are in the same fight. We should help each other. After all, that is how fossil fuel companies dominate the market. We can too. Hemp and bamboo can compete in every way except in the billions spent on marketing. 

  • Equal benefits for the planet. 
  • Both plants can grow in 70% of earth’s climates. 
  • Equal potential for consumer products. 
  • Equal potential for positive health impacts. 
  • Same manufacturing processes. 
  • Both plants share the same history of slander in the U.S. 
  • Both plants were rendered useless commodities. 
  • Bamboo Quarantine since 1918. 
  • Bamboo USDA research defunded in 1969. 
  • Hemp tax 1930’s 
  • Hemp added to Schedule 1 under the Controlled Substances Act

We Grow Together

Higher Knowledge

Evolution Mine gives back:

Evolution Mine looks forward to working with you to build a hemp and bamboo based economy. We realize “economy” sounds a little far out of reach. 

However, it is closer than you think. Evolution Mine follows the fossil fuels business model of tiered products and cohesion.  

We Grow Together

  • Featured companies. We tell your story to help customers love you as much as we do! 
  •  Access to California cannabis pharmacies in a retail setting. 
  • Social Shout Outs 
  • Quarterly vendor roundtables to help with sourcing issues,  design feedback, project/product development.
  •  Social media content.  

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