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Evolution Mine begins as an e-commerce retailer of hemp and bamboo products for play, work, home, or you. 

Evolution Mine was founded on the merits of hemp and bamboo to compete against, and ultimately replace oil, coal, and other mined toxic resources used in consumer products. 

EvoMine Team


Society needs a solution introduced by the passionate and firmly grounded in business principles. Evolution Mine introduces the collaboration of purchase and protest channeling the anger of the protestors to profitable solutions as a means to replace fossil fuels. 

Hemp and Bamboo replacing Oil and Coal through the empowerment of women is our strategy.

Create your Evolution by replacing oil & coal with hemp & bamboo products.By doing so, you can stop profits funding new pipelines, new politicians, and new agendas. 

 No Oil Profit. No Oil Problems. 

#AmandaandEric - Creators -Industrial Evolution

From The Beginning

#Amandaanderic have recognized that we are approaching a "perfect storm" for change. In the evolution of fossil fuels, the commodities have evolved from energy to consumer products created by the next level of petrochemicals. 

Consider petrochemicals in consumer products coupled with social media, crowdfunding, and recent economic tariffs. The opportunity for developing competing commodities like hemp and bamboo is NOW

Starting with the Bioeconomy Foundation in 2012, #AmandaandEric have introduced the power of consumers to cause the largest shift of wealth and power in history via the Theory of Industrial Evolution. Now, we are proving our theory by starting the world's first hemp and bamboo superstore. 

Evolution Mine LLC is owned and managed by women. The Founders, Amanda Clayton-Stevens, Breanna, and Brittany Stevens are proving women can sell to women, and build the supply chains to support it. 

Amanda and Breanna Stevens Founders of EvolutionMine

Evolution Mine is Building an Economy for Everyone. 

Watch the Theory of Industrial Evolution
(5 Minutes)

Our Customers

  • Are trailblazers building an economy for everyone that is non-toxic, and provides jobs for all. 
  • Are participating in building alternatives to oil and coal being used in everything consumers buy, use, consumer, or wear. 
  • Are lowering the price of hemp and bamboo by buying hemp and bamboo products making the solution affordable for all. 
  • Have the opportunity to make money by becoming #endsetters
  • Create local supply chains of products made in the U.S. from crops grown in the U.S. creating jobs and rebuilding the middle class.   

Follow us.

Sharing our knowledge

EvolutionMine pioneered the hemp and bamboo economy, but it is much larger than us. Our obligation is to bring cohesion to hemp and bamboo based industries by providing technical knowledge, distribution, and in some cases project funding. It is your Evolution too. 


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