Bamboo Leaf Tea
Bamboo Leaf TeaBamboo Leaf TeaBamboo Leaf Tea

  • Evolution Mine Hemp or Bamboo Product

  • A NON TOXIC option to TOXIC Petrochemical based products

  • Safe for YOU and the Environment

  • #ConsumerActivism Product

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Have you discovered the power of YOUR purchase? 

Claim your Evolution in #Consumeractivism by saying “NO” to toxic products made with toxic oil and coal based chemicals, and saying “YES” to non toxic products from Bamboo and Hemp!We all know Hemp & Bamboo are great for the planet in 100 different ways. 

Hemp & Bamboo are good for you too. Yes, it's antibacterial and environmental properties are epic, but that's not what we mean.If Hemp & Bamboo are grown in the United States jobs are created. Factories are built in your communities that provide tax dollars to repair roads, improve schools, and improve lives. You can do good for the environment and yourself. We call it #consumeractivism. All of us can create real change and it start here by creating demand for safe, sustainable commodities like bamboo & hemp. 

Purchase is stronger than protest. Purchase denies profit to companies that manufacture with chemicals that are derived from Oil and Coal. No Oil Profits, No Oil Problems.The answer is simple. Hemp replaces oil. Bamboo replaces coal.  

Bamboo Leaf Tea is a farm to table experience. We don't guess how our bamboos are grown we live with them :). Our bamboo is grown organically in sunny Florida. We have worked with nutritionists and chemists to formulate a tea that has the highest bio-availability of nutrients.


  • Farm to table, Grown in the USA, weight loss, digestive health, hair growth, collagen builder, essential minerals, detoxification, arthritis relief, anti-inflammatory


Details:  Our tea has been tested and shown to consistently contain 350 mg of silica per cup of tea. Silica promotes hair growth and nail health. Silica has been shown to reduce almost in half the amount of time it takes to heal bone fractures. It also helps to eliminate aluminum from the body. Bamboo Leaf Tea also contains soluble fiber which eases digestive distress and reduces cravings. Soluble fiber aids in weight loss and is key in regulating digestion. We love our plants and are so happy to be able to share our passion for this plant with you.

Made in the USA

This product is made in the USA, so buy change if the power of your protest or vote is not providing change. If hemp and bamboo are grown in the United States, jobs are created. Factories are built in your communities that provide tax dollars to repair roads, improve schools, and improve lives. Evolution Mine is committed to building factories and farms in the United States for hemp and bamboo.  

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$ BONUS:  By purchasing a hemp and bamboo product - Oil, Coal and Petrochemical companies have lost: 


$$ SUPER BONUS if you ACT NOW: You will support jobs, local business, and the communities they are in. That’s Evolution Mine building an #Economy4All.  Here’s what you spent on NON TOXIC change: 


$$$ There’s More! Create an account when you  Checkout to support your purchase with the power of your protest. We have partnered with Civic Action Network to amplify your voice in Government. The Civic Action Network calls Congress on your behalf! Now you can make sure YOUR voice is heard on easy to understand Agricultural, Environmental, Consumer Protection, and Cannabis Legislation that represent an #Economy4All !

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