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This old school deck with that new school bamboo just wants to lay out power slides. It's not Rodeo Drive, it is BLVD.


Whether you are looking for a street deck for your local park, or want to cruise around campus or your neighborhood with one of our cruisers or longboards, we have what you are looking for. Skating bamboo connects with nature; it trains both mind and body and connects us with a broader community of positive, peaceful, health conscious people. 


Bamboo Skateboards can have a profound effect on the environment. Let's Grow. #ROLLGREEN



  • 6 ply bamboo maple hybrid deck
  • Our BLVD cruiser is 29.875” long with a maximum width of 7.51”
  • The Wheelbase is 15.25” and the nose is 3.75” and the tail is 6.75”
  • The board weighs 2.25 pounds


Standard Complete Includes:

  • 114mm Raw/Silver Radeckal Trucks
  • Radeckal Blue ABEC 7 Bearings
  • Translucent Amber Gold 63mm 78A Cruising Wheels
  • 1.0” Hardware
  • Clear Grip


        Bamboo skateboards are perfect for skaters that are passionate about free riding and carving.


        • MORE POP: Skaters are always asking how to get more POP and we are here to tell you that the answer is SKATE BAMBOO! Our customers and team riders rave about the pop that they get from these boards. Try it for yourself and impress all of your friends with more pop when you’re doing tricks.


        • LASTS LONGER THAN MAPLE: These professional boards are made with bamboo which makes them lighter and more flexible so that they harder to break. Bamboo absorbs shock better so that they do not break when landing tough jumps or tricks. Our boards last weeks and sometimes months longer than maple boards.


        • STRONGER AND MORE FLEXIBLE THAN MAPLE: These pro boards have been tested for strength and are the strongest on the market. We have even driven over the skateboards with a car and the strength and flex of these boards keep it from breaking under the pressure. So, if you’re doing intense tricks and jumps, the flex and strength of this board will help you land the craziest tricks and jumps without breaking your board.


        • ECO FRIENDLY: Bamboo Skateboards are made out of the highest quality bamboo which is an eco friendly and sustainable material. These boards are a 6 ply bamboo and maple hybrid which improves the sustainability while maintaining strength. We are committed to reducing maple deforestation by providing eco friendly alternatives that work even better than conventional Canadian maple decks!


        Just so you know you are getting a legit board, all Bamboo Skateboard decks have a heat stamped logo to verify authenticity and guarantee quality! Our customers tell us that our bamboo boards last them on average 3 weeks longer than other pro decks!

        Explore the Company you are supporting

        When you buy a product made from Petrochemicals

        Evolution Mine No More Petrochemicals

        The effects

        By purchasing a hemp and bamboo product - Oil, Coal and Petrochemical companies have lost: 

        • Won't be used to drill or mine.

        • Won't be develop more TOXIC CHEMICALS

        • Won't fund candidates loyal to Big Oil.

        • Won't be paid to the 1% investing in Petrochemical companies

        The Benefits

        Purchase a bamboo & hemp product. You will support jobs, local business, and the communities they are in. Evolution Mine building an #Economy4All.  Here’s what you spent for NON TOXIC change: 

        • fund factories and farms in your Community.

        • funds petitions to Fortune 500 Companies demanding the use of more bamboo and hemp.

        • funding laws that make companies disclose what their products are made of. 

        • funding credit unions instead of Big Banks.

        • fund candidates loyal to citizens they work for. 

        When you buy a Hemp & Bamboo Product

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