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Evolution Mine is excited to introduce the Hemp Eyewear Limited U.S. Release.  The 1st Hemp Sunglasses - the Concord is now being offered in the United States through a limited release of 100 every 30 days until the end of 2018. Each Unit is unique in this limited release with its own Batch and frame number slip.


The Concord


Hemp eyewear sunglasses are made from a hemp composite material consisting of hemp & flax fibers. The frames are formed from the material through a compression molding process and the result is a strong, lightweight, sustainable pair of sunglasses. All the materials used within the product (including packaging) are sustainable and eco-friendly which is of upmost importance to the brand.

Hemp Eyewear’s Carl Zeiss lenses have an unbeatable reputation and are made from more than 70 percent biological materials. They’re thin, lightweight, and scratch-resistant and can be made to fit any prescription, including single vision, progressive/bi-focal, and transitional lenses.

Both men and women can choose from five different stylish Hemp Eyewear frames, from the classic Crosby to the ultra-mod Hamburg to the on-trend Lotus. The retro Dean style is based on the most successful frame shape of all time, while Concord is inspired by the classic Aviators.

And because of their special production technique, every pair is completely unique; no two fiber patterns is the same.

The glasses are also vegan and recyclable, and even the packaging is sustainable.

hemp sunglasses


All sunglasses are made by hand in the UK
Each unit registered with Batch and frame number slip

    The sunglasses are coated in an eco friendly resin which adds extra waterproof and strength properties.
      We use polarized lenses (color - brown). They are made from bio material, our lenses are some of the most eco friendly on the market.
        Spring hinges are used in the frames. They are made from high nickel which gives them excellent resistance to corrosive conditions.
          Our sunglasses are unisex size
            Every pair has a unique aesthetic as the plant fibers form different structures in the material.  


              hemp Eyewear Sunglasses



              5.90 inches (190mm)

              Each pair ships with:

              1 box made with hemp fabric
              Soft hemp fabric pouch
              Microfiber cleaning cloth
              Batch and frame number slip
              Care instructions
              Key-ring re-purposed from a lens cut-out

                Explore the Company you are supporting

                When you buy a product made from Petrochemicals

                Evolution Mine No More Petrochemicals

                The effects

                By purchasing a hemp and bamboo product - Oil, Coal and Petrochemical companies have lost: 

                • Won't be used to drill or mine.

                • Won't be develop more TOXIC CHEMICALS

                • Won't fund candidates loyal to Big Oil.

                • Won't be paid to the 1% investing in Petrochemical companies

                The Benefits

                Purchase a bamboo & hemp product. You will support jobs, local business, and the communities they are in. Evolution Mine building an #Economy4All.  Here’s what you spent for NON TOXIC change: 

                • fund factories and farms in your Community.

                • funds petitions to Fortune 500 Companies demanding the use of more bamboo and hemp.

                • funding laws that make companies disclose what their products are made of. 

                • funding credit unions instead of Big Banks.

                • fund candidates loyal to citizens they work for. 

                When you buy a Hemp & Bamboo Product

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