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Evolution Mine introduces the Hemp Organic Life Double-sided mattress for the dog is made on 100% from natural materials.

The material of the top is cotton, the filler is hemp fiber.

Due to the hemp filler this lounger has unique properties: ·

will create comfort for your pet at any time of the year - cool in the heat and warm in winter.
Absorb odors and prevent the appearance of harmful bacteria, other pests.

Size: 20" x 43" (50 cm x 110 cm)
unbleached/braun cotton
Filler - organic HEMP Fiber

HEMP - organic. It is completely waste-free product, environment and ecology do not cause any harmful effects.
This item ships from Ukraine. Please allow 21 days for delivery.

When you buy a product made from Petrochemicals

Evolution Mine No More Petrochemicals

The effects

By purchasing a hemp and bamboo product - Oil, Coal and Petrochemical companies have lost: 

  • Won't be used to drill or mine.

  • Won't be develop more TOXIC CHEMICALS

  • Won't fund candidates loyal to Big Oil.

  • Won't be paid to the 1% investing in Petrochemical companies

The Benefits

Purchase a bamboo & hemp product. You will support jobs, local business, and the communities they are in. Evolution Mine building an #Economy4All.  Here’s what you spent for NON TOXIC change: 

  • fund factories and farms in your Community.

  • funds petitions to Fortune 500 Companies demanding the use of more bamboo and hemp.

  • funding laws that make companies disclose what their products are made of. 

  • funding credit unions instead of Big Banks.

  • fund candidates loyal to citizens they work for. 

When you buy a Hemp & Bamboo Product

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