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TOAST - Real Bamboo Cover for the Sony Playstation 4

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Evolution Mine is proud to present Toast. The Evolution in Organic Gaming Consoles shows what's possible. Perhaps, with your lead the next video gaming console covers will be made with bamboo. We've included this exciting line in the The Esteem Series. The Esteem Series features high end design and functionality in hemp & bamboo. Pride in your organic choices, pride in Evolution Mine. Time for your gaming to look grown-up. 

TOAST crafts one-of-a-kind peel and stick covers laser cut from real bamboo. These elegant covers help protect your device from everyday wear and scratches, without adding excessive bulk or weight. Each cover has a durable, high-quality, 3M adhesive, so it will stay put on your device as long as you wish. However, if you should decide to remove your TOAST cover, no permanent adhesive will be left behind. While TOAST covers are removable, they are meant to be a one-time use product and are not reusable once applied.

TOAST products are proudly designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon. Our covers are made with 100% renewable energy and we donate a portion of each sale to environmental non-profits working to restore, protect and create a healthy planet.

Color: Bamboo


  • Simple peel and stick adhesive backing.
  • Real Wood cover Made in the USA.
  • Includes full kit to wrap device.
  • Clean Device Using Included Alcohol Wipe Prior to Install. Toast covers are removable, but not meant to be reusable. No permanent residue will remain once removed.
  • natural materials:  Bamboo

Hardware Platform: Sony Playstation 4

Made in the USA

This product is made in the USA, so buy change if the power of your protest or vote is not providing change. If hemp and bamboo are grown in the United States, jobs are created. Factories are built in your communities that provide tax dollars to repair roads, improve schools, and improve lives. Evolution Mine is committed to building factories and farms in the United States for hemp and bamboo.